Jublii Creations Business Spotlight

The first time that I had ever heard of a Jublii carrier, I was in my local cloth diaper store getting a new diaper. They were holding a ‘local vendors’ event and Jublii Creations was there; I walked right by them. I told myself that I had SSCs (soft structured carriers) and I just didn’t need another one. Another month went by and I found myself back in the store, which was hosting as a drop point for carrier donations for Carry the Future, dropping off carriers that I had collected in my area. And there it was: a Jublii standard size tester. I eyeballed it, interested but no, I still didn’t need another carrier.


Another couple months passed before I was back in the cloth diaper store and as I was waiting for a friend to meet me, I decided to try it on. It couldn’t hurt to wear it around the store while I was waiting, could it? Oh yes, it could. I knew immediately that I needed to share this with my local babywearing group- those other caregivers just HAD to try this. I hadn’t tried a SSC that was as comfy as this one was. The padding in the shoulders and hipbelt were amazing! So I brought the tester home with me and brought it to the next couple of group meetups and every play date that I could arrange. I knew that I needed to get one for my group and for myself!

First things first: I needed to look into who Jublii Creations really was and the answer turned out to be very simple. Jublii was created by a local Utah mom who was not only passionate about designing and creating these carriers but she was also certified nationally (BCIA and ASTM) to do so. Child carriers are upheld to very strict safety standards and getting certified to make them is not an easy feat, so to be a small company and to have those certifications is a feat worth promoting. Julie also hand-makes each and every single Jublii carrier, so the hard work that has gone into being certified is clear in every stitch.  What began as a DIY endeavor to create a comfortable SSC for herself has turned into a small local business that is getting their name out into the babywearing world in a big way.


For me as a buyer and promoter of products, being local is also a key factor. Whether that is local to my city, state, or to the U.S. in general, I am a lover of all things local. Also being a wearing caregiver in the babywearing industry is an important consideration because someone who actively wears their children will have a better perspective about how things need to fit, the ease of which they should work, and how to make them aesthetically pleasing as well as affordable. Someone who has never worn a child before may not understand all of these aspects quite as well.

To top all of this excitement off, I finally had the opportunity to meet Julie in person at an expo. She is very sweet and approachable, and it is easy to smile around her. She readily took a minute to chat with me and answer all of my questions. It was great to meet the lady behind the business and see just how thrilled she was to share her vision with other caregivers.




** Photos courtesy of Jublii Creations

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