Babywearing Terminology

When I finished my time as an active duty Marine, I was certain that there was nowhere else that could compare when it came to acronyms. That is, until I became a babywearer. Boy, can this community give the military a run for their money in that department! It’s pretty amazing and quite complex, especially looking in from the outside.

It can also be very confusing, and even frustrating, when a new wearer goes in search of something that they’re trying to learn but can’t find what they’re looking for because they just can’t decipher the code! Well worry not; I have compiled a list of the most common names, abbreviations, and acronyms in the babywearing world to help ease some of that stress. This may include some popular business names commonly abbreviated, acronyms for wrap carries, and other random tid bits that’s good to know.

This list is in no way complete; as there are always new things/people/what-not coming forth, there will always be a need for updates. Amy Wraps Babies also has a great Glossary on her page so I recommend heading over there if you can’t find what you’re looking for here!

I will try my best to keep up with such things and I do apologize ahead of time if anything has been left out. Feel free to let me know but, as always, do so kindly! 🙂



  • BCIA – Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (a safety certifier)
  • BD – Bei Dai
  • BN – Brand New
  • BNIB – Brand New In Box
  • BNIP – Brand New In Package
  • BNWT – Brand New With Tags
  • BST – Buy, Sale, Trade
  • BW – Babywearing
  • BWCC – Back Wrap Cross Carry
  • BWI – Babywearing International
  • BWS – The Babywearing Swap




  • ETF – Easy To Find
  • EUC – Excellent Used Condition


  • FCC – Front Cross Carry
  • FFO – Front Facing Out
  • FFS – Free For Shipping
  • FS – For Sale
  • FSO – For Sale Only
  • FSOT – For Sale Or Trade
  • FT – For Trade
  • FTO – For Trade Only
  • FWCC – Front Wrap Cross Carry



  • Half JBC – Half Jordan’s Back Carry
  • HC – Hip Carry (of any kind)
  • HCC – Hip Cross Carry
  • HSA – Highly Sought After
  • HTF – Hard To Find
  • HW – Handwoven


  • IBC – International Babywearing Conference
  • ISO – In Search Of
  • ITW – In The Works
  • IVDSO – In Very Desperate Search Of


  • JBC – Jordan’s Back Carry



  • LE – Limited Edition
  • LL – Lending Library (usually for a babywearing group; where carriers can be checked out)
  • LL – Lenny Lamb (a carrier company)
  • LO – Little One
  • Loom State – a wrap that has never been washed/directly off the loom


  • MD – Meh Dai
  • MM – Middle Marker
  • MMAO – Make Me An Offer
  • MMARO – Make Me A Real Offer
  • MT – Mei Tai (** This term is no longer in use, as it is not a politically correct/culturally appropriate term; I am leaving it here as a past-terminology reference- please see MD & BD for the corrected names)
  • MV – Market Value
  • MW – Machine Woven


  • Nati – Natibaby (a woven wrap company)
  • Natty – natural fiber wraps/color of undyed yarn
  • NBC – Narrow Based Carrier
  • NIP – New in Package
  • NIP – Nursing (Breastfeeding) In Public
  • NSRS – No Sew Ring Sling


  • OBO – Or Best Offer
  • OOAK – One Of A Kind
  • Onbuhimo (carrier) – (** Onbu is no longer being used as a shortened variation as it is no longer a politically correct/culturally appropriate term)
  • OT – Off Topic


  • PM – Private Message
  • Podaegi (carrier) – (**Pod is no longer being used as a shortened term for this carrier as it is no longer a politically correct/socially appropriate term)
  • PFA – Perfect Fit Adjuster (also known as load bearers/load bearing straps/load bearing adjusters)
  • PP- Pay Pal
  • PP – Pretty Paisley Handwovens (a woven wrap company)
  • PPD – Postage Paid Domestic
  • PWCC – Pocket Wrap Cross Carry



  • RR – Reinforced Ruck
  • RRRR – Reinforced Rear Rebozo Ruck
  • RS – Ring Sling
  • RTIF – Ruck Tied In Front
  • RUB – Ruck (tied) Under Bum /alternately known as Ruck TUB


  • SAHM – Stay At Home Mom
  • SHBC – Secure High Back Carry
  • SPOC – Simple Piece Of Cloth (in reference to something homemade)
  • SSC – Soft Structured Carrier
  • SSS – Stash Shot Saturday
  • STIH – Soft Tape In Hand (in reference to using a soft measuring tape to measure a woven wrap)


  • T2T- Tummy to Tummy (a carry)
  • TAS – Tied At Shoulder
  • TBW – TheBabyWearer
  • TCMT – Tablecloth Mei Tai (**Mei Tai is no longer a politically correct/socially appropriate term but I am keeping this here as a reference to past terminology)
  • THT – Tiny House Textiles (a company that specializes in dyeing wraps)
  • TIF – Tied In Front
  • TT – Tied Tibetan
  • TUB – Tied Under Bum
  • TV – Trade Value


  • Unicorn – a carrier that one would drop or sell anything to buy; the elusive



  • WAHM – Work At Home Mom
  • WC – Wrap Conversion
  • WCBD – Wrap Conversion Bei Dai
  • WCFB – Wrap Conversion Full Buckle (in reference to a SSC)
  • WCHB – Wrap Conversion Half Buckle
  • WCMD – Wrap Conversion Meh Dai
  • WCMT – Wrap Conversion Mei Tai (**Mei Tai is no longer a politically correct/socially appropriate term and this will be found as a WCMD/WCBD (see above); this term is being kept for past terminology reference)
  • WCRS – Wrap Conversion Ring Sling
  • WPBC – Wiggleproof Back Carry
  • WQ – Wrap/Wrapping Quality
  • WW – Woven Wings (a woven wrap company)




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