Photoshoot Fun!


Two of the things that I have loved the most about being a mother so far have been breastfeeding and babywearing. Both allow me to hold my kiddo close, give her comfort, and tell her in my very own way that I love her. I know that the former is not something that every mom chooses to do or perhaps she has been unable to do. These are simply two of my own joys and I want to share them with all of you, perhaps as inspiration, perhaps to tell a story without words. Whatever the reason, here are some of my absolute favorite shots that have worked their way into my heart 🙂


Teaching photoshoot photo credit to Sarafia Jones Photography

Allie Schroeder Films & Design; Honour Handwovens ‘Flight of the Adventurer’

Sarafia Jones Photography; Risaroo Wovens ‘Prism Iridis’

Photo credit to Kwani Winder; Pretty Paisley ‘My Best Friend’ & ‘Night Fury’

Photo credit to Jillian Hanes; Pretty Paisley TOWL v2, tester


Sarafia Jones Photography; Pretty Paisley ‘Jelly Babies’

Sarafia Jones Photography; Fiolia ‘Sexy Mama’ tester

Photoshoot Prep

Photo Credit to Kate Craymer; prepping for a Pretty Paisley photo shoot

Sarafia Jones Photography; Pretty Paisley ‘Queen Anne’ tester

Sarafia Jones Photography; Tekhni Chloris Tidepool

Rocio Stewart Photography


Broken Anchor Photography

Amanda Hallows Koldewyn; Didymos Stendhal, wool blend

Aspen Jade Photography

** Photos flow with the newest ones at the top and the artist/photographer below their set

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