Pretty Paisley ‘Jelly Babies’ (Mini Review)

Maker: Pretty Paisley Handwovens

Design: Jelly Babies (aka the 4th Doctor)

Size: 4.2 meters

Fiber: 100% cotton, handwoven

Jelly Babies falls into the realm of thin wraps, visually and in hand, especially when compared to the usual thicker quality Pretty Paisley that you’re used to with the tartan handwovens. It has very little lateral stretch but a lot of diagonal stretch, so you are still having some give (unlike you would with, say, an all linen wrap). With that being said, my 30ish lb toddler sat comfortably on my shoulders in a multi-pass Lola’s Back Carry. It wasn’t diggy on my shoulders at all, though as with all thin wraps it lacks the cush you’d look for if wearing constantly for hours on a hike or perhaps on a day at the zoo. With smaller littles it wouldn’t be an issue at all, but with bigger kids you may find max comfort with breaking up long outings into blocks of wearing. BUT, I personally prefer cushy wraps for the long stuff; I know plenty of caregivers who absolutely love thin wraps for any and all occasions. As for glide: smooth gliding through passes and the knot ties neatly and is LITTLE! Beautiful little knots:) and it holds great in ring finishes as well, from what I observed in the short span of time that we carried in one.

Please keep in mind that this is just a quick assessment based off a very short amount of time in the wrap, less than 3 hours total. This blurb was created upon the request of an interested member of the PP Chatter group.

*Note: 4.2 meters/size 5 is my Base size, using the FWCC method of determining base sizes, hence my super short tails above 🙂

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