Pretty Paisley ‘Lady Anne’

Maker: Pretty Paisley Handwovens

Design: ‘Lady Anne’ (I’ve also referred to her as ‘Queen Anne’ in other commentary)

Fiber: 100% unmercerized cotton

Weave: twill, with an undulating warp

Size: 4.6 meters


The Lady Anne is very soft, straight out of the bag! My first impression of it in hand was that it didn’t feel like a brand new, unworn wrap at all; for a second I wondered if I was really the last person to receive it, instead of the first. As I did my first once over inspection, it immediately caught my eye that there were salvedges. I absolutely adore salvedges! Personally, I feel that not only do they add an overall aesthetic charm to wraps, but the unhemmed edges help for smoother glide through passes and easier knot work because there’s less drag from the extra ‘lip’ of a hem.

So, while I was inspecting the wrap in my living room that first evening, I made a mental side note that while the colors were pretty, they didn’t scream my usual ‘me!’. I’ve a very bright (& geeky) personality and my personal preference when choosing wraps or carriers follows suit. Then I wore it outside for the first time and Oh. My. WORD! The jeweled tones come ALIVE in the sunlight! And the black weft really accentuates that. When my husband saw it for the first time his remark was, “Oh wow- that’s really pretty!” I was surprised how my view of the wrap as eye pleasing changed dramatically just from the difference in viewing it in artificial light vs natural light.

It’s not often that I feel ‘love’ with the first up in a new wrap. I’ve had plenty of impressed moments for sure, but few have wowed me into love at first ups! As my toddler grows taller and heavier, I’m finding that I prefer thicker wraps due to them providing more cushion on my shoulders. Lady Anne did not disappoint. No matter the duration or the strenuousness of our walks or hikes, I never felt digginess or strain in my shoulders. It sat lightly, with no heavy, weighted feel, and the lateral stretch that was there helped give it some bounce, so that my LO never felt duct taped to me; there was movement and give when there needed to be, such as when leaning over, walking uphill or downhill, and that time that I ran back and forth with her in a back carry across a field (knot test!). I really enjoyed the overall spongey sensation that I got during those long endeavors, with no pain once I returned home.

Now, the knots on this gal were not small, but neither were they the biggest that I’ve ever seen. I’d give her a 7 out of 10 in the knot bigness category. Wiggle and bounce is definitely essential when tightening them but I liked that I didn’t have to manhandle the material. I don’t particularly enjoy feeling like my arms are about to pop out of their sockets when I have to pull a knot tight! With the right amount of wiggle, though, they slide into place fairly easily and I do feel like the circumstance would have been vastly different if the Lady Anne had hemmed edges; I feel like there would have been a bit of struggle getting them tightened properly then.

For all the spongeyness, there was a surprising amount of glide through the passes. I never had to torque an arm out behind me or out to the side to fix a wonky, sticky, stuck under bum rail. They slid smoothly and tightened easily along each rail, with no weird pockets of fabric being left over. Again, I believe that the unhemmed edges helped a lot in making this process easier as well. When you have a bigger child that you’re wrapping, not staying angled for a long time fighting with passes is key when looking for a good wrap!

I would definitely recommend this wrap for toddlers! It is bouncy, cushy, and once tied, they aren’t going anywhere! It’s an effective ‘toddler prison’ for anyone with a wiggler or seat popper, yet it doesn’t feel as unyielding as you’d expect from said prison. I don’t have a squish or smaller kiddo to compare it with, but I bet it will be just as comfortable with them. So if you are looking for a great quality, amazingly comfortable, gorgeous wrap, give this gal a go and don’t judge to quickly by first color impression. I’m so glad that I gave her ‘a second chance’!

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