Road to IBC and the Center for Babywearing Studies

As many of you know, babywearing has become a big part of my everyday life. In the past 7 months I have gone from being simply a babywearing enthusiast to:

  • an educator, leader, & admin in my local group, teaching the basic how-tos of babywearing, beginning the process of obtaining non-profit status,coordinating donations, and building our Lending Library  with a greater variety of wraps and carriers for our caregivers to try out and experience
  • a carrier/wrap tester and reviewer, working with both local and non-local businesses on new ideas or adding input on designs that are already in circulation
  • and I’ve started my own website, sharing with the babywearing community my thoughts, experiences, and adventures that have come with wearing my little one

All of this has led me to the realization that I want to do more for my community, both locally and within the greater babywearing world. I have decided to further my babywearing education and begin my journey as a babywearing consultant. I want to do everything!! One-on-one & group consultation, working with the foster care system for non-traditional wearing, donating time to teach wearing at women’s & children’s shelters, working with Kangaroo Care at hospitals, working with Birth Centers, continuing to work with companies for reviewing, and I’m hoping to someday have the opportunity to speak at conferences and lectures! And there is still so many more avenues left to explore!

I want to share babywearing with the world and for me the first steps are taking the Center for Babywearing Studies’ Foundations course in NYC in September and traveling to the International Babywearing Conference in Atlanta in July. I will get the amazing opportunity to network with some pretty incredible people within the babywearing community, making my presence known and hopefully making some friends in the process.

In order to participate in these opportunites and further my education, I am reaching out to the community for help, which has been hard for me to do! I have always been independent and am used to doing things under my own power, paving my own path. But, I knew that if I wanted to make my dream a reality, I would have to reach out to others for help.  Asking others for assistance, I’ve come to realize, doesn’t make me weak and it certainly doesn’t make me less; it makes me stronger. Being able to ask others for help has been a very humbling experience and it has reminded me that doing everything by yourself is sad and lonely. When you include others in your life and adventures, it makes them feel like they’re a part of it and because I want to live a life that interacts with/ helps others, it makes sense to allow them to help if they so desire.  I am adding a link for anyone who would like to help me fund these adventures! My goals probably will not cover everything, but I hope that it’s a good start!

Thank you all for following all of my adventures and for letting me be a part of yours 🙂


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