Chicibeanz ‘Paradise Island’ Review

Chicibeanz ‘Paradise Island’ Review

By: Cerra Jarvis


Maker: Chicibeanz Handwovens
Design: Paradise Island

Fiber: 100% silk
Weave: Crackle weave

Size: Long 7 (almost an 8)

My wrappee: 25lbs 18 months old (Loves to be worn!)

When this wrap arrived I could barely contain my excitement when I opened the package. The colors are stunningly beautiful. The feel is soft and draped beautifully light in hand.
I immediately wrapped my little. Upon wrapping first thing I noticed was how soft and floppy this wrap was. It formed perfectly to me and my baby.

Carries we tried:

Double Hammock (fresh water and salt water finishes)
Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder
Inside Out CHCC (coolest hip carry)
Christina’s Ruckless back carry

Tightening was effortless and passes moved into ideal positions easily. I spent 1.5 weeks with this and used it everyday (almost all day!).  I found when wrapped I never once had to retighten or readjust. My baby never sagged, no slip whatsoever, she’s stayed exactly where I tied her every time and she was always nice and high!  The silk and the weave are perfectly paired. The weave adds the perfect amount of grip. Never once did my knots slip and were never hard to tie.

I also did quite a few slip knots and they were perfect, they stayed where I tightened them for the duration of the carry. This fiber and weave blend is not prone to pulls either. The weave was strong and consistent, I was not worried about pulls with this wrap.


I feel parents of squishes would love this wrap. It’s on the thinner side, the ease of the passes makes wrapping fast and easy, the comfort of the fiber and weave as well as the support for baby and mama are ideal WQs I feel mamas would look for. They may want it in a smaller size for a squish as a size 8 could be overwhelming with a tiny babes.

Parents of toddlers would love this wrap. The support and comfort of the silk was perfect for me and my toddler. It’s thin which helped us stay cool! And the silk gave my shoulders amazing comfort!

Even while wearing in almost 30+ Celsius weather we were cool and comfortable. The size for a toddler was perfect. It gave me extra length for reinforcing passes when wearing for long trips, and tails for fancy finishes! The support kept her weight exactly where I wrapped it. I wore this on a 1.5 hour walk and she was weightless.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to experience 100% silk…This wrap has changed my wrapping world!

I found no flaws with this wrap, I feel it’s a brilliant blend and balance that every mama and papa would love!


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