Mad Hatter ‘Hearts of Queens’ Review

Mad Hatter Warped & Woven ‘Hearts of Queen’ Review

By: Cerra Jarvis


Mad Hatter Warped and Woven

Wisteria 3.7 m

Hearts of Queen

Hand dyed variegated purple hemp/cotton weft

100% EC warp

My wrappee: 15 months 24ish lbs

This wrap came to me straight from the queen and fresh off the loom!


My first impression was that it was breathtaking! The color way was absolutely amazing! Although it was just off the loom and did need some breaking in, it wrapped beautifully! We pretty much tried every carry we could think of while it was with us!

Double hammock (salt water finish, Poppins finish, Double Hammock fresh water finish)

Ruck knotless finish

Inside Out CHCC (coolest hip cross carry)

Rick tied Tibetan


The weave structure is strong and consistent, it also had a lot of grip! Passes were easy and stayed in place….knots were easy to tie and even with a single knot was super secure, a double knot could be achieved easily as well but I did find a double knot to be a tad bigger than I like.

Moms of new a squish would be drawn to this wrap for the grip, makes any wrap job secure and quick! It also right off the loom wrapped beautifully! It was soft to the touch and wrapped like a hug…I can only imagine how this will wrap at the end of its travelling journey and when it’s fully broken in! Moms of toddlers would love this wrap, the weave is strong and supportive! Single passes were perfect for my baby, when I generally like reinforcing passes to help support her weight. It made for easy and quick wrapping when out! It made a toddler weightless on my front and back it was perfect on my picky shoulders.

What I loved about this wrap: The colors were magical and perfectly paired! They blended into each other brilliantly. The new Heart of Queen structure offers a lot of grip, but it’s not overwhelming and it’s super supportive even with the heaviest of babies.

What I didn’t like: although it wrapped beautifully straight off the loom. Hemp softens up a lot with use. I’d be curious to see how much better this gets with use! Hemp is a glorious fiber that gets softer and magical with use!

We were very sad to see this wrap go, but I will treasure our memories made with it…I am so happy we had the chance to put some love into this wrap….it’s definitely special and so much love went into creating this beauty!



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