Fiolia ‘Sexy Mama’

Maker: Fiolia Handwovens

Design: Sexy Mama (tester)

Warp: 8/2 cotton mix with Egyptian cotton Weft: viscose from bamboo and milk protein, and tussah silk blend exclusive for Fiolia HandwovensFiber: Viscose (from bamboo and milk protein) and a Tussah silk blend (exclusively for Fiolia Handwovens)

Weave: Plain weave

Warp: 8/2 cotton mix with Egyptian Cotton

Size: 5.2 meters (a size 7)

When I first took this wrap out of the packaging, I admit that I was skeptical as to whether or not I would like it. As I’ve said on many occasions, I prefer medium to thicker wraps because I’ve found that they offer the greatest cush on the shoulders. BUT, I was excited for the challenge; I’m always looking for a thin wrap that can prove me wrong!

In hand it is beautiful, more so than I remembered from the original photos before it was sent out. The colors were a very pastel rainbow that really shown in both natural and artificial light; a picture cannot do it justice! I loved the salvedges; they are my favorite! Knot tying is so much easier with unhemmed rails, in my opinion, and this wrap did not let me down in that aspect. The knots were very easy to tie, with no struggling or man handling. I was able to pull them fairly small due to the overall thinness of the wrap and that was an added bonus.

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I found that this tester did not provide the normal cush on my shoulders that I prefer, however it laid flat on my shoulders very nicely and I found that there wasn’t any digging (as I had originally expected from it) in multi-layer carries. It held well ‘under pressure’ on long walks up and down hills, as well as up and down stairs, over the course of several hours at its max time out. Though when I tried a single layer carry, I did find there to be an uncomfortable pressure on my shoulders due to some digging. I’d like to note here that my toddler is close to 2 yrs old & about 25lbs and we rarely use single layer carries for more than an hour at a time at the absolute longest, because few wraps have the cush needed for a Ruck or other single layer carry over a long period of time on various terrain.

The diagonal stretch made a nice, deep seat for my toddler and the lateral stretch helped to create a secure hold for our outings; no slippage and no reworking the rails to make it snugger once wrapped. I wouldn’t call the wrap grippy by any means. There isn’t a whole lot of texture either; the wrap is very smooth both in hand and wrapping. The glide through passes was beautiful and easy. However, I found that I needed to be vigilant when originally tightening rails and passes so that I didn’t have any slack and thus reduced a tendency for sagging.

Overall I loved hosting this tester. The colors are gorgeous and that alone will draw in wearers! I think that it will be very well loved amongst thin wrap lovers and caregivers of newborns and small babies. It will work well with a toddler but the wrapper will need to be extra careful to tighten the passes well or they will get an area that could sag under the weight of a heavier child.


** Note: no wrap was harmed with ice cream during this photo shoot, courtesy of Sarafia Jones Photography 😉

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