Risaroo Wovens Spotlight



I love Geeky wraps. They catch my eye. They make me drool and pine and wish that I would win the lottery (though I hear that you actually have to play the lottery to win it, but I digress). When Risaroo launched The Boy Who Lived just before IBC, that’s exactly what I was doing- DROOLING! But I was impressed with this American-based company long before they released such awesomeness. In fact, I discovered them last fall in my search to help build the Lending Library of my local babywearing group. I had friends compile a list for me of their favorite companies and this company was on that list. So I went to their website and I was hooked. My first thought went something like this- “Perhaps being a millionaire isn’t overrated in this instance…” Because who doesn’t want to own all the pretty wraps?! So what made me fall in love with this company? What makes them special? Well, let me fill you in! Let’s begin with where the name, Risaroo, came from.

“What is in a name?” Shakespeare once asked. It can hold in it love and adventure or it can sound very fancy on the outside but be completely empty on the inside, with no substance. Risaroo the name has a very sweet and simple back story: when Marisa, the company’s owner and mastermind, was a toddler her younger brother was unable to say her name, calling her ‘Risa’ instead. Her family then playfully added ‘Roo’ to the end and the name Risaroo stuck!

It wasn’t until many years later when Marisa had her own little one, who she spent a large amount of time holding and breastfeeding like many first time mommas, that the name Risaroo surfaced in an entirely different light. After hearing about the benefits of babywearing and how they could help make her everyday life with her newborn a little easier, Marisa started to investigate this strange, new world. She began reading everything that she could about babywearing and the more she researched, the more fascinated she became. As her research led her deep into the how-tos of the industry, the idea of launching her own company took hold and it wasn’t long before her idea expanded into reality. The endearment from her childhood came to the forefront of her mind when deciding on a business name, coincidentally sounding very much like ‘kangaroo’, a marsupial that also carries its young in a pouch, tucked close to its body around the clock while it is very young. A very apt and welcoming visual for the babywearing world and thus Risaroo the name, logo, & company was born.

Though there were the typical challenges that one faces when launching a business and balancing the needs of a small child, everything went well and in no time at all the company expanded & more help was hired. It even became something of a family business, with family members still working behind the scenes today.

Anyone who has ever Googled Risaroo has readily noticed two things: 1) there are woven wraps exclusively by Risaroo Wovens and 2) the site Risaroo.com sells other brands and products of babywearing. The reason behind this is because the company originally launched their website 4 years ago with the intent to sell select, high quality, affordably priced carriers and wraps, sharing the love and creativity that so many companies already offered. Then, after two years of successful marketing and sales, Marisa decided that she also wanted to begin creating her own wraps for Risaroo, to be involved in the process from design mockups to final product. She had the desire for this new line to be designed, woven, and finished entirely within the United States, so she went on the hunt for a mill that would do just that. Her search was successful and the Risaroo Wovens line began!


I am personally a big fan of using sustainable fibers for wraps; it is something that speaks to my inner (& outer) tree hugger! Risaroo uses Tencel in many of their woven wraps, which is a fiber made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees that are grown on sustainably run farms. Being able to offer a sustainable fiber option for customers was very important the company, Marisa explains. The process is 96% bio-based and recycles & reuses 99.8% of its own solvent for future manufacturing. Tencel wraps are breathable, soft, and strong.

Risaroo Wovens wraps are currently broken down into 4 collections: Fairhope Collection, Oralia Collection, Dark Side Collection, and Geek Files. “My vision has always been to design wraps that blend classic and traditional aesthetics and give them a modern flair. I think that all of our wraps fit within this description and that allows us to have a large selection of designs that fits lots of personalities.”

The Fairhope Collection houses the majority of the Risaroo Wovens wrap designs. The colors and patterns are bolder in this collection, the images clean cut and standing out; this collection is a modern spin on more classic designs.

The Oralia Collection is made up of designs that appear more delicate to the eye, designs with more intricate details that give one the feeling of business casual for everyday life. They are beautifully patterned and with colors that are both simple and elegant at the same time.

“Our Dark Side Collection is a fun collection that is all woven on a black warp. The bold colors and black warp inspired me to have fun with this collection and give them all Star Wars inspired names.” ~ Marisa, owner and mastermind behind Risaroo

Geek Files. Oh yes, let’s talk geekery!!! The Boy Who Lived is the first in this line and will lead off some fantastic design ideas in the future. Let’s face it: we all have our nerdy moments in life, whether it’s with Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Dr. Who, or something else entirely! There’s something for everyone and what’s better than blending together fan geekiness and babywearing?! I am very excited to see what this fantastic company has in store for those of us who live vicariously through imagination and a good book!

And, to keep a good story going, let’s talk charity! I absolutely love a good, genuine, and heartfelt cause. Two of the three charities that Risaroo donates to are military based and speak to the special places in my heart: The Carrying On Project and Toys For Tots. Marisa’s father was in the service so being able to donate to these holds a special place for her as well; it also helps her to give back to her community since she lives in an area near a military base. As a prior service member myself (once a Marine, always a Marine), it gives me great joy when I see companies donating to these awesome not-for-profits, that help either military families in need or helps kids feel the love in hard times. The third charity that Risaroo donates to, Operation Christmas Child, is another non-profit that helps to spread the joy of giving to children around the world. “Operation Christmas Child is also very special to me. As a Christian, I think it is very important to support charities and missions that spread the love of Jesus to those that may not have heard about Him both here at home and abroad.”

By now I’m sure that it’s easy to see why I fell in love with this company and their product. And that was all before I had the opportunity to meet Marisa in person at IBC! She is so warm and inviting to talk to. She has an easy smile and I literally could have talked to her all day long. I look forward to seeing her again in the future. I know that I’ve said it before but I need to say it again- I cannot WAIT to see what the future holds for this fantastic business and the company that it keeps!


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