Risaroo Wovens ‘Prism Iridis’

Maker: Risaroo Wovens

Design: Prism Iridis

Fiber: 45% Tencel, 55% Cotton blend

Size: 6

Prism Iridis was sent to me as a surprise package; I had no idea of the colorway, blend, or design of this wrap when it arrived, simply that it was a long wrap. As soon as I opened the box, I was in love, and when I say that I was in love I don’t mean that I thought the wrap was pretty. I mean that I wanted it to stay with me FOREVER and I hadn’t even wore it yet! The colors were absolutely stunning, a bright and dusky rainbow all at the same time. And the ‘wrong’/reverse side? Get out of here!!! The white has a shimmer that makes it look like you’re wearing a living rainbow! The ‘burst’ design of Prism Iridis makes you feel like you are looking at a rainbow through a kaleidoscope. Simply, one of the most beautiful rainbow wraps that I have seen to date.

Normally when a wrapper hears the term “tencel” in a wrap blend they automatically come to the conclusion that it will either be “saggy” or will only be intended for smaller babies, and that line of thinking isn’t usually far from the mark. Prism Iridis does not fall into either of those categories, though. My 25.5 lb toddler never sagged or shifted on our hikes or long walks (read here: a minimum of 3 miles and with lots of hills). It wraps much like an all-cotton wrap, surprisingly; it holds firm and doesn’t shift while being worn, but is not overly grippy or textured.

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It has a pleasant amount of cush on the shoulders, similar to what thinner repreve blends typically feel like, and it never felt ‘diggy’ even over extended periods of time. I discovered that it had some bounce/recoil similar to a low wool blend or a medium thickness repreve blend, which I was immensely satisfied with as I love all things wool! There’s not much lateral stretch, again similar to an all-cotton wrap, but there were a couple of inches of diagonal stretch to which I attribute this bounce/recoil effect. I found that wearing consistently over a lengthy amount of time was comfortable with my heavy, wiggly toddler.

This wrap has just enough grip that multi-pass carries never moved for the duration of the time that my child was up; I never had to stop and readjust a carry while out & about. Yet, the tencel creates a smooth enough texture that it slides beautifully between passes.  I never felt that I struggled to bring one pass over another nor while pulling one into place. I really enjoyed wearing this wrap in a Christina’s Ruckless carry because the flip over the shoulder (to show the ‘wrong side’) was extremely easy to make and there weren’t any issues tightening the passes with the rails/edges flipped like one sometimes finds with very grippy/textured wraps. It was fun to show off the beauty of both sides at once!

Knots where pretty easy with this blend. They pulled right into place, without any manhandling and very little hassle at all! I didn’t notice the hemmed edges  much when I was pulling and I make a point to feel around for hemmed edges purposefully, to see if they will cause a wearer problems with knot tightening. I found it to tie around a slightly larger than medium sized knot, a little bulky looking if casually tied off but if pulled with some concentration it can tie smoothly to medium.

Prism Iridis is extremely toddler worthy and worked equally as well with an 8lb weighted doll for both front and back carries (even while working out!). It has simple care instructions and even the blackest parking lot dust washes from it easily. Overall, I really enjoyed getting to test this wrap. It makes me happy that there is a tencel wrap out there that doesn’t ‘follow the norm’, that defies all the stereotypes, and stands out in the tencel blend world.


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