Artipoppe Casanova HouseKeeeper Review

Maker: Artipoppe

Design: Casanova Housekeeper

Fiber: 53% cotton, 47% alpaca

Size: Size 6 (long)

I had the opportunity to have this lovely lady come traveling my way and I enjoyed every minute with her! I had yet to try an Artipoppe so, when I volunteered to host her, I wasn’t going to be picky about the color (I tend not to reach for pink)! But when it arrived at my house, I noticed that the pink was a very soft, subtle color & had quite a bit of lavender/purple influence, so it wasn’t the pink that I had envisioned and I liked it very much once I was able to see its ‘true colors’ in person. The ‘wrong side’ of this wrap is more cream colored than white, and the effect of the color contrast is startling and eye catching.

In hand this wrap is very soft and quite thick. If I had to pick a category, I would solidly place Casanova Housekeeper into the thick category. It has a very slight bristle feel to it from the alpaca (most animal blend wraps that are not superwash tend to have this feel to varying degrees), but not enough to make it uncomfortable; I wore this wrap with a tank top on quite a few occasions to test how it would feel on bare skin, specifically the shoulders where the majority of ‘chaffing’ could occur, should there be any (there was not).

I should note here that I had this wrap from the middle to the end of June and temperatures were over 90*F almost the whole time that we had it! Surprisingly, it wasn’t stuffy or uncomfortable. I think if it were a little thinner that it would have ‘breathed’ better, but I sweated almost as much in this wrap as I did in all cotton wraps that I tested throughout the summer, perhaps slightly more because of its thickness.

Knots! While the knots actually tied easily on Casanova Housekeeper, they were still quite large, even when pulled as tightly as they can go! But I loved how smooth they looked once tightened and they never once slipped or loosened.

As is my way, I took this wrap on long and short walks/hikes, either with non-stop walking or stop-and-go walking, such as to our local Farmer’s Market. This wrap has more cush on the shoulders than any wrap that I have tested/reviewed so far, and I attest that purely to its thickness. If you’ve ever heard someone use the term ‘fluffy marshmallow clouds’ you would understand exactly what they meant when you give this wrap a try! No soreness in the shoulders or back. In fact, most of the time I barely noticed that my 25lb toddler was hanging out back there! There was almost zero lateral give and just a slight amount of diagonal give, which surprised me because usually animal fiber blends have a bit more give for bounce/recoil, but this reminded me more of the lack-of-stretch that you get from an all-cotton, machine woven wrap. There was just enough stretch that I didn’t feel like I was wrapped in duct tape and when we jogged around or jumped (shoulder cush testing!) she moved around enough to be comfortable but not to unseat her or loosen the wrap job.

Texture for this wrap doesn’t come from any ‘pattern’, as is typical when you compare wraps of varying textures for their grip quality. The grip in this wrap comes from the slight scruffy texture of the animal fiber, alpaca in this case. While the material glided easily over itself, I did notice that extra attention needed to be paid when tightening passes, due to the tendency for the wrap to ‘stick on itself’, generally along the bottom half of passes, leaving scrunches or pockets in the middle third of the wrap. By taking a few extra moments tightening in thirds or rail-by-rail, I was able to pull the passes smooth and it settled into place nicely. The wrap held in every situation that I threw at it, including early morning yoga!

Overall, I had a great time getting to play with this wrap! She looks classy but still holds up to wrapping in the parking lot! To me, no matter how much money you want to invest in a wrap/carrier, if it doesn’t hold up to wrapping in the parking lot for every day wearing, then it’s not for me. This lovely lady passed all the tests.


** Professional photo credits to Sarafia Jones Photography

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