Yaro Slings IBC 2016 Exclusive

Maker: Yaro Slings

Design: IBC Atlanta 2016 Exclusive

Color: Red & White

Fiber: 30% Tencel, 70% Cotton blend

Size: 6

I knew as I was heading to IBC (the International Babywearing Conference) in Atlanta this year that I wanted to come home with something from Yaro! I’ve heard great things about their budget line of wraps and I wanted to add something to my teaching stash. In the hustle & bustle that was the Conference, time got away from me while I worked at a booth and by the time that I made my way to the Yaro booth, they were pretty well sold out of all the merchandise that they had brought with them. But not everything- something red caught my eye and as I looked closer I saw this beautiful red and white IBC Exclusive wrap. Once I saw the peaches babywearing mini peaches, I knew that I wanted one! (What a great design to go into a teaching stash, right?!)

This wrap is barely medium thickness in hand, when feeling it in a single layer, but when bunched up, it is extremely thick! Soft after the first wash, this wrap really fluffs up and can be nice and thick when rolled or folded. Wrinkles iron out with very little effort and it is just as easy to forgo ironing in lieu of hanging it to dry, which leaves it almost completely wrinkle free.

This wrap shines in the sunlight (quite literally!), as is normal of tencel and repreve blends. The shimmer is beautiful! The design of the peaches on this wrap are upraised, adding a bit of texture to it and giving it a nice amount of grip. Passes need to be pulled and held tight to keep it from sticking on itself. Yet even with the grip, it glides nicely over itself.

This gal easily falls into the category of ‘typical tencel blends’. The best way to describe the feel of it on the shoulders is “squishy”. It provides a very nice cush for long walks; I really enjoyed wearing my weighted doll for extended periods of time because it felt as if he were barely there at all! It was just as comfy on the shoulder when I wore my toddler around, with no diggy-ness at all. I tend to prefer thicker wraps like this for that fantastic, marshmallow-y feeling! There is zero lateral stretch and about 3-4 inches of diagonal stretch with this wrap. The diagonal stretch gives great bounce, especially with the smaller kiddos, though you lose a little of the recoil with larger children.

I found that the longer I wore with my toddler, the more the pull on the fabric under her weight made it “sag”, as is pretty standard with the vast majority of tencel blends + toddlers. That’s not saying that it doesn’t work with toddlers; with the proper tightening, use of multi-layer carries, and wearing over shorter blocks of time will work just fine. However, I discovered this wrap to be wonderful for babies and smaller children (as did those of my local babywearing group who have played with it) and would definitely recommend it for them into toddlerhood vs buying it solely for use with a toddler.

Knots on this gal are the biggest that I’ve tied to date! HUGE! Even when pulled as tight as they can pull, they are still large knots. Slip knots need a firm push or pull to move them around, due to the slight texture in the wrap and the sheer size of the knot. The smallest knot that I was able to tie was a flat reef knot, and even that was still a substantial knot! They are, however, very pretty knots.

Overall, I like having this beauty in my educator stash- it’s a wonderful example of the qualities that tencel blends possess!

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