Woven Wings ‘Forel Geo’

Maker: Woven Wings

Design: Forel Geo

Fiber: 65% Egyptian Cotton, 21% Viscose Flax, 7% Ethical Merino

Size: 4.6m (hand measurement of approx. 186in/4.72m so I’d call this wrap a long size 6); width measures at approx. 24in.


I want to start this review out by stating that I am honored to know some truly lovely people within the babywearing community. When a friend of mine, who I met in person for the first time at the International Babywearing Conference this year, randomly won a unique, 3-of-a-kind wrap while at IBC, she offered to send it traveling my way without hesitation. So when it showed up on my doorstep once I returned home, though I knew that it was coming, I was stunned by my luck and humbled to know such an awesome momma. Only 3 of these wraps exist- one at the Woven Wings HQ, one with my friend, and another that was randomly drawn for at IBC. So to be able to wear and review this one is quite the opportunity!!

When I received this wrap, it had already been washed and prepped, so it wasn’t in loom state but it was far from being broken in. It felt a bit like ‘old parchment’ (I was excited at the prospect of seeing how much I could help to break it in before it went back home!), thin in hand, and very textured. The design is beautiful, delicate, and creates a lot of complexity for this wrap, both through feel and appearance. Looking closely, you see an unbelievably detailed paisley design, weaving in and out of a geometrical patter. The colors are a creamy, soft white and a beautiful, bold wine.

Even though it felt like old parchment in hand, it felt soft and fluffy on the shoulders from our very first up. There was a cush to the fabric that reminded me of a medium thick repreve or high wool/animal fiber blend. After our longest walk in this beauty of almost 4 miles (~85*F weather!), I was impressed by the lack of diggyness or pain in my shoulders, which I had been expecting from an almost-loom-state wrap. It was as if I’d done that very hilly, long, hot walk with a well-broken-in wrap! And doing it with an almost 30lb toddler in tow, none the less!

View More: http://sarafiajonesphotography.pass.us/valleynursery

As is normal for almost all cotton and cotton blend wraps, this beauty has zero lateral stretch and at max around 2-2 ½ inches of diagonal stretch. This allows for a slight amount of bounce and recoil, and a slightly unforgiving lack-of-give. So once my toddler was up, no amount of squirming or wiggling was going to get her down or loosen her up. She never sagged, which is not always an easy quality to come by in a wrap as your toddler gets bigger and heavier and the blends become more diverse.

Typically when a wrap has grip, it tends to lack sufficient glide; it isn’t common to find a wrap with both good grip and easy glide. I found this wrap to glide well, the sliding passes crossing each other with relative ease, though I did notice a subtle ‘stick’. The design gives quite a bit of texture to this wrap, which in turn allows for quite a bit of grip. My heavy toddler never slipped nor sagged, no matter the length of our adventures in it. All the passes of our multi-layer carries stayed in place after some concentrated tightening. However I did notice that the newness of the fabric and its lack of being broken in required extra attention on the rail tension to keep the wrap from bunching up or creating small pockets. Once in place, we never experienced any need to re-tighten or adjust.

Let’s talk width for a moment. Many wraps measure out at or greater than a 27 inch width but this particular wrap measures out at only 24 inches. A few inches doesn’t sound like it should be a big deal but when your very tall toddler measures at more than 14 inches from bottom of her neck to the curve of her bum, it can be tricky making a solid, deep seat while still making sure that there’s enough wrap to come up to at least the middle of her shoulder blades. Surprisingly though, it wasn’t as tricky as I’d anticipated, especially when I took extra care to pull as much of the wrap downward to create as deep a seat as was possible, more than I probably would with any longer width wrap, and the top rail/edge still never fell below her shoulder blades. I could tell the times that I was wrapping in a hurry because I found her easily popping her barely-there seat. However, anytime that I wore Bumi-the-weighted-doll there was never an issue and more than enough fabric to spare.

View More: http://sarafiajonesphotography.pass.us/valleynursery

Multi-layer carries with wiggleproof passes are my go-to in any wrap with my heavy, 26-ish lb toddler. This keeps her on my back exactly where we start out (read here: no sagging!). I have also found that these carries keep the wrap from digging into my shoulders and putting strain on my upper back and neck. This wrap shines in multilayer carries with its sticky grip, especially in ones that flip passes so that you can show off both sides of the wrap while wearing (read here: pretty factor!). I rarely do single layer carries these days, unless I have a shorty and am looking for a quick up or I specifically do one for testing purposes, for the above mentioned reasons. I did a simple ruck TIF with this lovely gal (for testing purposes) and found it to be surprisingly cushy on my shoulders, even with all the toddler weight bearing down in a single pass. I found it easy to wander this way, though we struggled to keep the seat made in a single layer carry, due to the shorter width; she managed to wiggle enough to slide the seat right out from underneath of her. This really brought to light just how well the fabric sticks to itself and how much of an asset it is with more layers. Bumi-the-weighted-doll never gave me these problems, as he doesn’t tend to wiggle as much as my daughter, so I feel like the wrap would do wonderfully in a single layer carry with smaller babies!

View More: http://sarafiajonesphotography.pass.us/valleynursery

Knots for this gal are lovely, grippy, and medium in size. Due to the texture, they require attention when tightening. Once tightened, I never found them to slip or be in need of adjusting.

Overall, I found this wrap to be both baby and toddler-worthy, though I think it will do better for tinier babies once fully broken in (my assumption here is that while textured there won’t be the issue of fighting the grip with a wee one; once buttery soft it’ll be a bit more pliable in hand). I have enjoyed my time with this beauty immensely and will truly be sad to see her head home. Until she’s called home, I plan to hoard her and see just how marshmallowy I can send her back! #Goals

View More: http://sarafiajonesphotography.pass.us/valleynursery

Professional photo credit to Sarafia Jones Photography


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