The Past Year

It’s incredible just how fast time passes. One minute I was creating this website about my babywearing adventures with my first little one, now I have my own consulting business and am working with the Center for Babywearing Studies as the Director for Business Development, co-teaching online courses so that someday I have the opportunity to train up & coming babywearing educators. #passiontoprofession

But 2020 has been a year, right?

I was across the country at the beginning of March, visiting my grandmother who had a severe reaction to her first chemotherapy treatment, when they declared a worldwide pandemic AND both of my kids came down sick during this time! It was a stressful trip back across the country, that’s for sure.

Then months of no-contact social-isolation. And when you did need to go out it was masked up, avoiding eye contact with people in case they tried to chit-chat, and you hoped you could find food and toilet paper at the local grocery store. All in-person consultations were halted and I developed a major case of writer’s block from the stress of worrying for my family & friends and over world events, as well as from having two very social children who could now not have playdates!

Fall Class Model Photos 2018_51

We are currently in the second wave/surge of cases here in Utah. This means that in-person consultations are still not happening; however, toilet paper is now easier to find! The kids and I are FINALLY finding a new rhythm of work and play, right as we roll into ‘school season’ and the beginnings of our own homeschooling journey. I am finding a rhythm with working and writing in the dawn hours before they (typically) wake. Ideas are generating and I am enjoying the flow of creativity and picking up projects I had planned for publishing back in the spring.

So keep your eyes peeled for what is happening here and also over at the CBWS blog, Meandering Thoughts, as I write series articles on subjects that are near to my heart!

My thoughts, prayers, and warm hugs are with you all ❤ You are not alone – we are in this together!

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