The Past Year

It’s incredible just how fast time passes. One minute I was creating this website about my babywearing adventures with my first little one, now I have my own consulting business and am working with the Center for Babywearing Studies as the Director for Business Development, co-teaching online courses so that someday I have the opportunity to train up & coming babywearing educators. #passiontoprofession

But 2020 has been a year, right?

I was across the country at the beginning of March, visiting my grandmother who had a severe reaction to her first chemotherapy treatment, when they declared a worldwide pandemic AND both of my kids came down sick during this time! It was a stressful trip back across the country, that’s for sure.

Then months of no-contact social-isolation. And when you did need to go out it was masked up, avoiding eye contact with people in case they tried to chit-chat, and you hoped you could find food and toilet paper at the local grocery store. All in-person consultations were halted and I developed a major case of writer’s block from the stress of worrying for my family & friends and over world events, as well as from having two very social children who could now not have playdates!

Fall Class Model Photos 2018_51

We are currently in the second wave/surge of cases here in Utah. This means that in-person consultations are still not happening; however, toilet paper is now easier to find! The kids and I are FINALLY finding a new rhythm of work and play, right as we roll into ‘school season’ and the beginnings of our own homeschooling journey. I am finding a rhythm with working and writing in the dawn hours before they (typically) wake. Ideas are generating and I am enjoying the flow of creativity and picking up projects I had planned for publishing back in the spring.

So keep your eyes peeled for what is happening here and also over at the CBWS blog, Meandering Thoughts, as I write series articles on subjects that are near to my heart!

My thoughts, prayers, and warm hugs are with you all ❤ You are not alone – we are in this together!

Mamalila Winter Babywearing Coat Review

I recently had the opportunity to start reviewing babywearing coats/jackets, which I had hoped would help others answer those things that they wish they could know before buying (as well as help me to pass the winter with something to do since I’m not a big snow fan and hate the cabin fever! Plus I have a toddler who is adventurous so wrap and carrier reviews are at a standstill until Baby comes along in April!). Living in an area with season changes and differing degrees of inclement weather, I get many questions from clients and patrons of my local babywearing group about which jackets would work for where they live.

Hopefully, reader, these reviews will assist you in answering such questions. I’m using more of a Q & A format rather than my typical story format so I hope that you find it easier to go straight to any questions that you may have. If you have a specific question about a specific coat/jacket that I didn’t answer in my review, don’t hesitate to leave a comment for me and I’ll give you the best answer that I can! 🙂

With the pregnancy insert zipped in.

Name of Company:


Where are they located?

Nuremberg, Germany

Where can you get it in the USA/North America?

Nina & Jack Babywearing – Chicago, Illinois, USA

** if you are a retailer of Mamalila or you know of anywhere else that they are sold in North America, please comment here or send me an email at to let me know where so that I may add it into the review!

Product being reviewed:

Mamalila Winter Babywearing Coat

Materials it’s made from/special material features:

  • FC-free, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly coating
  • SympaTex® membrane and taped seams making it water proof to 20,000mm water column
  • Environmentally friendly Thermore® giving a downlike warmth without the feathers
  • Eco-friendly membrane: bluesign® certified, recyclable and PTFE-free
  • Outer material and all layers: 100% polyester.

“Mamalila strives to incorporate sustainability at every point. The winter jacket is the perfect example: the water repellent coating is FC free, the jacket warms without animal down, the environmentally friendly SympaTex® membrane is recyclable and PTFE free, and, in order to reduce its carbon footprint the jacket is manufactured in Europe.” – as quoted from the Mamalila website

Made in:


Initial thoughts/first impression:

I love bright colors, but when I agreed to the ‘red melange’ I admit to being a tad skeptical as to whether I would truly like it once it arrived; would it really look similar to the coloring on the website or would I be disappointed that it wouldn’t look as vibrant as the stock photo? I don’t mind pink-ish things but I haven’t been the biggest fan of the color in the past. Fast forward to delivery day… *jaw drops* IT WAS AMAZING! I still cannot get over how wonderful this color is! And it’s heathered with white (not gray or black) so it’s brighter than you would expect and that’s what gives it such a pink color (vs a more red color). I love the red accents – I think the whole color scheme accentuates itself beautifully.

I really loved how light it was in hand! Being an outdoors person/hiker/backpacker, I am used to lightweight jackets and this one really surprised me with how little it weighed (considering all the extra panel material, toggles, zippers, etc). And though the jacket has a bit of a fluffy, poufy feel, I was impressed with just how small I was able to roll it up. This was appreciated because I was able to stick it down into a diaper bag or backpack if I needed to.

When I threw it on for a quick try-on that evening, I knew that it was going to be fantastic for my cold winter climate. I was warm instantly! And when I say warm, I mean HOT. It was amazing.

Weather that I wore it in & average temps:

Anywhere between 10-30 degrees F, with varying degrees of wind chill and precipitation. From cooler but bearable temps, to frigid and snowy, it stood the test of them all!! I live in a mountainous climate that abuts the Great Salt Lake, so the altitude is higher (guaranteed colder in the winter) and the terrain varies depending on where we explore, therefore the conditions for my reviews vary as well. Given how pregnant I was at the time of this review, not much strenuous exploring happened.

This was the coat with both the pregnancy insert and the babywearing insert zipped in. I had a toddler SSC strapped on but hanging loose (my toddler was off exploring the snow). I was able to cinch down all the toggles and ended up with a only little draft down my back from the opening in the top of the babywearing panel (baby’s head area).

How was the overall fit with the size that I was wearing?

I was wearing a Medium and it was perfect! Though I wore this coat between 7 and 8 months along & my measurements between then were as follows: 5’3” (63”) height, 39.5” bust/chest size, 43” hips, arm length measurement from outer wrist to curve of shoulder 22”/56.5cm (my pregnant belly and chest obviously would fluctuate within a few inches as time would go on but this should give you an idea of overall fit). I generally fall into the category of an hourglass shape, with shoulders/bust being about as wide as my hips. I would not have wanted to go bigger or smaller than the medium; this coat runs true to size, in my opinion.

How did it feel the first time that I wore it?

It was like being wrapped in a comfy blanket beside a fire, except I was both mobile and waterproof! It had the lightness of one of those puffy, pillowy, down-like jackets that you see everywhere, except without the actual poof.

The wrist elastics were wide (which I loved) and snug, but not overly tight so I was never left with marks around my wrists once I took it off. It would keep drafts from sneaking in at the cuff.

The sleeves came to just below my wrist-line, about mid-way on my hand. My fingers were unhindered so it wasn’t long enough to bother me. Being a travel-size individual, my arms tend to drown in most outerwear; it’s really hard to find something that fits shoulders, mid-section, and hips that will also fit my arms.

The jacket was easy to zip around my expanding middle, where the fabric molded like a well-fitting glove. The toggles helped to tighten down any loose fitting, in-between areas created by my wide hips and growing belly (seriously, I LOVE toggles!)

The hood was detachable, and since I’m a beanie kinda gal, this was a plus feature for me. It rolled up very small so I was able to tuck it into my bag (I figured this would be good in case the precipitation got so bad that I would need it).

I was excited to see that the pockets were deep and also zipped shut! I couldn’t wait to give those a run for their money! (If I can get by without a bag by shoving my mini wallet and phone into my pockets then I will do it every time, so deep pockets are a must for me!)

Fit for pregnancy:

If you have read any of my other reviews then you know that when it comes to my preference for fit, I prefer form fitting outerwear and nothing with billowy, flowy areas (this allows for cool air to pool and circulate in the open spaces, not keeping the wearer as warm as it potentially could). This coat fits that criteria perfectly! Even zipping it over my expanding bump was no problem as it didn’t create any pockets in the material around the bottom or top of the bump. It was a wonderful surprise to learn that when not in use for pregnancy or babywearing, this coat was created for use as a ski jacket! This explains the more snug fit, as well as the smooth, waterproof outer material. And with this additional purpose in mind, I love how they have used a Velcro ‘lock’ on the back seam so that when not in “babywearing mode” it creates a type of seal across the zipper to prevent any liquid from getting in, whether rain, snow, or from taking a tumble in said snow where the packed, powdery ice against the zipper seam could wick inside (definitely for a skier, snowboarder, snowshoer, etc).

Fit for pregnancy + toddler and how it felt with Alice:

This was the first time that I had to add in the pregnancy insert on a jacket in combination with the babywearing panel (I was finally starting to torpedo outward!). With both panels in it wasn’t exactly as form fitting as I was used to it being, though it wasn’t super baggy; honestly it just fit snuggly in areas that weren’t directly against my body. So the spaces between us had taut fabric, just not where it touched our frames. . Being able to cinch the toggles down kept the cold air out of the few spots that had a little extra fabric, even with Alice’s booted feet sticking out of the bottom of the coat! I expected there to be a small draft there but there wasn’t any (a pleasant surprise!).

Alice loved it!! In fact, she was so toasty in it that we had to strip her out of most of her outerwear at one point to keep her from overheating! At the time of this review she was 3 1/2yo, about 40” tall, and around 33 pounds to give you an idea of how she fit within the jacket and of our measurements together.

**Alice was being worn in a Jublii toddler size SSC (soft structured carrier) on my back, adjusted with the PFA’s let all the way out to initially accommodate her poufy, synthetic down jacket.

Favorite things about the coat/jacket (toggles, zip pulls, hoods, wrist elastics, etc)?

I found the cuff design to be genius! I love that the wide, elastic wrists tucked underneath the cuff of the actual jacket by 3-4 inches. This design kept any precipitation from rolling down my arm, keeping me dry even when I had to reach up for any reason. And when not reaching up, water ran down and off the ends of the sleeve without actually touching the wrist elastics so they never got wet when my arms were down. (As a snowboarder I can see where this design would work to keep snow from plowing through the bottom edge of the sleeve when taking a spill.)

The zipper pockets were LOVE! They were quite deep and I was able to fit my phone and mini wallet into them with ease. AND my hands fit in there with them without feeling over crowded! I’m not a consistent glove wearer because I feel like my hands are encumbered and I really hate the weighted down/constricted feeling. So if I can get by with just sticking my hands into my pockets and am able to keep them warm enough that way then I will always choose to do that in place of gloves. These pockets were a win in my book!

I like how the collar on the babywearing panel was high and tucked in close to Alice; it kept the draft off of her and also from coming down in between us in the gap between our bodies. That was definitely an appreciated feature! And although she didn’t want to try the built in hood (she had on a raccoon hat, after all!), I like that it has the option of being adjustable to the size of your child’s head, with or without an additional hat on.

Does this jacket/coat come in plus sizes?

Yes! These coats range from XS-XL.


Would I recommend this product?

Absolutely!! I would highly recommend this jacket for caregivers who live in colder climates. I can honestly say that this jacket has been hands down one of my favorites to review during the colder weather! It is high quality and worth every penny! Never once, in the entire time that I demo’d this coat, did I feel the frigid wind or general cold air temperature. I even wore a tank top by itself, without any additional layers, and it kept me dry and warm with zero chill (and I tested that out on a very cold, very windy, snowy day!).

I would note though that this jacket is not ideal for the warmer-cooler spring/fall months. I personally would find it a bit too warm for anything but full on winter.

Side notes:

I was able to review this jacket as part of a collaboration with Nina & Jack Babywearing, a US retailer that carries babywearing jackets & coats from the Mamalila line including this one. They graciously allowed me to host this jacket so that I could write a review for you, dear readers. They have a wonderful selection on their site and their customer service is top notch! I highly recommend making a purchase through them (& did I mention that the shipping is far cheaper than from Europe!?).